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Created for doctors by doctors and compliant with all regulations on e-scripting, EMGuidance Script is the future of e-scripting and the first of its kind in South Africa, brought to you by EMGuidance, a well known and trusted platform used by over 55 000 HCPs throughout South Africa.


What EMGuidance Script offers you

The features to boost your productivity

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 EMGuidance Script meets the legislative requirements of electronic prescribing for all medicine schedules and has been reviewed by the SAPC.  

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EMGuidance Script cannot be tampered and are accompanied by a full immutable tracking history of all actions on the script.  

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Use of AES

EMGuidance Script uses an Advanced Electronic Signature which means pharmacies do not need to verify the level of digital signature used to sign each prescription. 

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Easy and free!

Majority of pharmacies accept EMGuidance Scripts due to its unique tracking and immutable visibility of script history. No need to pay for e-scripts. EMGuidance Script is completely free for pharmacies!

Our Mission

EMGuidance Script aims to empower HCPs on the frontline. We aim to deliver the fastest, most intelligent, secure script for our HCPs.
To decrease errors, increase effectiveness and save time for you.

How does it work?

How we verify registered practitioners

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Create an EMGuidance Script account

Log on to emguidance.com and create an account. If you already have an EMGuidance account, you can use these credentials to sign in. On your homepage, navigate to the script area on the top header.

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Enter a unique code

An EMGuidance Script is accessible using a unique code which the patient will have on an sms or email. The patient can share the unique access code with the pharmacist verbally or via email. Enter this unique code to preview the script.
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Open the script and dispense

You can now open the patient's script, review the script history and start dispensing. Once you're done, remember to complete the dispensing information. You can also print the script for filing purposes.

What is AES?

All scripts issued via EMGuidance Script are signed using an AES, which is a legal requirement for signing any digital prescription. AES signatures have the same legal standing under South African law as handwritten signatures.


Why do I need AES?

AES allows scripts to be dispensed at every pharmacy nationwide without obstacles. AES signing ensures that the document is signed before it is shared with others to secure your document against tampering.

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Your trusted pharmacies and partners

Want to know more?

Book an information session with us.

Book an information session with us for a personal walkthrough about the EMGuidance Script and how it can benefit your practice or pharmacy. 


I can’t see a handwritten signature on the script, will the SAPC accept this script when they do an inspection?

The EMGuidance Script is signed by the prescriber using an advanced electronic signature which meets the legislative requirements of electronic prescribing as set out in Regulation 33 of the Medicines and Related Substances Act.
An advanced electronic signature does not reflect as a traditional cursive signature. To check that a document has been signed using an advanced electronic signature requires opening the PDF in a PDF viewer and assessing the information in the signature panel. This is not necessary with EMGuidance scripts as they are all signed using an advanced electronic signature.

We have presented to the SAPC and they are comfortable that the script meets the legislative requirements of a valid prescription. They have advised that pharmacists have a direct line to the Registrar should they have any queries in this regard.

How do pharmacies access an EMGuidance Script?

Pharmacies can access the script by creating a pharmacy store account and then inputting the script code on the script view page. Pharmacies can also access the script via email if the patient selects the “send to pharmacy” option on their patient view. 

If I have registered an account on EMGuidance, do I need to register a new one on EMGuidance Script?

No, the same credentials can be used to access both platforms.

What is AES?

AES is the acronym for advanced electronic signature which is a digital signature created with a digital certificate issued from an accredited certificate authority. 

How can one check if a prescription has been signed using an advanced electronic signature (AES)?

To check that a document has been signed using an advanced electronic signature requires opening the PDF in a PDF viewer and assessing the information in the signature panel. This is not necessary with EMGuidance scripts as they are all signed using an advanced electronic signature.

Do scripts for schedule 5 and 6 medication not need to be emailed to the pharmacy from the doctor’s rooms?

Electronic prescriptions, like the EMGuidance Script, that meet the legislative requirements as set out in Regulation 33 of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, do not need to be sent to the pharmacy by the doctor. 

Can a pharmacy print a script?

Yes, only pharmacies have the ability to print the script for audit purposes. A printed copy must not be given to the patient. 

The print button is not displaying on the script view?

If the print script button is not reflecting on a pharmacy view of the script, the first step is to ensure that this is not being blocked by a computer or IT infrastructure setting. If this has been fully checked, please send the script code to script@emguidance.com so that we can check that the script was correctly signed using the AES signature. 

What does a pharmacy do on the script view if they load all repeats onto their dispensing system?

A note can be made under “Pharmacy notes” to clarify that all repeats have been loaded onto the pharmacy dispensing system. 

What does a pharmacy do on the script if an item is out of stock?

A note can be made under “Pharmacy notes” to clarify what items were not issued due to stock constraints.

Can the script be accessed more than once?

Yes, a script can be accessed repeatedly and every access will be documented on the tracking history. 

Is the same unique script code used to access a repeat script every month?


How is confidentiality of scripts managed?

Access to the script view is limited to the relevant professional accounts including pharmacists, pharmacist assistants and pharmacy store accounts. In a pharmacy, the same approach to confidentiality of a paper prescription should apply to electronic prescriptions and account login details should only be shared with the relevant professionals. 

I created an account on EMG/EMGuidance Script but can’t log in.

It is important to check that your sign up has been completed and that you have verified your email address. 

Who pays for the service, will pharmacies eventually be charged to access prescriptions?

This will be a subscription service for doctors who will be paying a monthly fee to use it. We will not charge pharmacies to access or receive prescriptions. This is an archaic model, and it doesn't truly add value. In future, we may develop additional revenue models where there may be an opportunity to add value to the pharmacy, eg. increasing basket size by suggesting OTCs where there is clinical relevance to the doctor. The EMGuidance philosophy is if we can create net new value for both stakeholders, then we would want to share in the value creation.

What do you do with all the data you are collecting?

The EMGuidance Script data analytics offering is currently not commercialised except with regards to the prescriber's own scripting analytics. However this may evolve in future.

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