What do HCPs think about your marketing messages?

Proactively track the impact of your marketing messages without having to wait for sales results or doing a customer survey.

Imagine being able to proactively track the impact of your marketing messages without having to wait for sales results in 3 months' time or do a customer survey. 

Sales revenue is a result of a combination of sales force efforts and marketing messaging.  For marketers (especially in the healthcare industry) it’s often very difficult to establish to what extent the marketing messages contribute to the sales revenue. As such, it is difficult to establish which aspect of the marketing message is landing and which isn’t. 

Often, ahead of the launch of a new molecule, pharmaceutical marketers enlist the assistance of medical specialists in the therapeutic area in which the drug is indicated, to advise them on which clinical features of the drug/ product resonate most with clinicians and how to communicate these. This ensures that healthcare professionals (HCPs) receive relevant messages about the drug that will help their clinical decision-making.

However,  it is only after the drug/ product launch that marketers know whether their messaging is effective (and usually based on sales results and sales rep feedback). As such, the feedback is anecdotal and does not represent the views of a large sample of prescribing HCPs. 

Being able to track (in real-time) various aspects of the drug/ product’s messaging opens up opportunities for marketers to establish which aspects of their messaging are having an impact and which need reinforcing.

EMGuidance’s Product Listings provide marketers of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, device and nutrition products an opportunity to differentiate their product from others in the same class/ category – by making it more visible in search results. It also enables them to reach a wider audience by efficiently communicating the product’s characteristics. (For more information on EMGuidance’s Product Listings, please read through our detailed Product Listing guide)

Brand name - phone
An example of an EMGuidance Product Listing


Some of our HCP users compare our Product Listings to “having a sales rep in your pocket - accessible 24/7”. It can house any information pertinent to the promotion of your drug/ product, including information videos, pack shots and even aspects of your sales aids.

In 2023, our Product Listings have been viewed 34,021,462 (yes, you read this correctly) times by 47,121 of our over 65,000 registered HCP users! That is an average of 722 views per HCP.  Once inside a Product Listing, there is additional drug/ product information which our HCP users viewed 8 882 213 times in the same period. 

Monthly, EMGuidance’s Customer Success team presents detailed engagement reports to the respective marketer, outlining which HCP role types engaged with their Product Listing, and which aspects of the Product Listing were most visited by each etc. This information is invaluable for any marketer wanting to effectively communicate their drug/ product’s features and benefits to a highly engaged HCP community. This data helps you to understand HCP information needs thus enabling informed message amendments as required.

The great thing is that this feedback can also be used to guide the sales force on which aspects of the marketing message they ought to focus on at a given time. 

Here are some tips on how to ensure that your Product Listing is impactful:

  1. Ensure the content is up-to-date and well-written. Grammatical errors and a confusing layout are off-putting to any reader, and more so when clinical information is being presented.
  2. Use high-quality images.
  3. Make your Product Listing part of the sales team’s marketing material artillery. Once your content is live on EMGuidance, your sales team can register as industry Partners to access their company’s content which they can share with their customers via WhatsApp, email or SMS, as a reinforcement of the discussion they have had with their customers. The sales team can also use the Product Listing to stay engaged with hard-to-see or remote customers. 
  4. If you have great content on a corporate website, make sure these can interface with our platform for a seamless user experience.
  5. Add your sales team’s contact details so HCPs can contact them directly if they have any additional questions.
We’re here to help you and your team work smarter. Chat with us to find out how EMGuidance can get your content in front of our over 65,000 registered HCP users.

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