Get more HCPs to complete CPD content

Can you guess which provinces lead with the most CPDs completed on EMGuidance?

Have you ever worked for months planning the perfect CPD-accredited event only to be disappointed by the turnout on the day?

It’s gotten harder to get HCPs to attend events or complete your CPD content. Your team spends weeks trying to rally interest from HCPs on upcoming CPD events. However, on the day the attendance was disappointing.

CPD-accredited events and content are your way of giving back to the medical fraternity by providing up-to-date clinical research and information that can assist them in making better clinical decisions.

Luckily, digital solutions now exist that help you plan and execute great CPD-accredited events and content.

EMGuidance HCP users have completed over 55,600 CPDs between January and August 2023! That’s impressive! This is evidence that HCPs consider EMGuidance as a trusted source of clinically relevant information.

CPD stats
EMGuidance CPD completion in South Africa. (January - August 2023)


Our data also shows that over 10 400 registered HCP users completed CPDs this year alone. Gauteng leads with 22% of all CPDs having been completed by our users in that province. The Western Cape (20%), Kwa-Zulu Natal (17%), Eastern Cape (8%) and Limpopo (4%) also show strong representation with completed CPD content on EMGuidance.

The content that generated the most interest covered topics such as Ethics, disease and molecule education.  HCPs are seeking well-written content on a variety of topics to keep up-to-date with clinical information and they are turning to digital platforms for this.

Here are some tips to help you create awesome content:

  1. Choose a topic that responds to your customers’ knowledge gaps. The more relevant the content, and the bigger the problem that it solves, the more likely HCPs are to read it. 
  2. Write in a way that’s easy to read.  Overuse of technical terms and jargon can make reading difficult.
  3. Create an attention-grabbing title. The contents of your article could be really interesting but if the title isn’t clear and catchy, there is a lower chance that HCPs will want to read it. Where possible, add images, graphs or tables to break the monotony of text.  We all know how hard it is to motivate oneself to start reading an article that consists solely of text.  Having some alternative means to relay important information, helps. 
  4. When doing a webinar, make sure the presenter’s slides are easy to read.  There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to see the text in a slide deck presented online.
  5. After the webinar or when the CPD content has been completed, it is recommended that you track how many times HCPs go back to the content as this may provide great insights on what aspect of the disease or the molecule you need to reinforce via other means.
With a dedicated Learn area, EMGuidance offers two options for CPD content delivery: 

  1. Live webinar. We assist you through the entire process of planning and executing a successful webinar.  We’ll even send invitations to the webinar to HCPs leading up to the meeting.  As a bonus, after the webinar has taken place, we’ll re-advertise the webinar video to users who registered but didn’t attend, and they’ll be able to view a recording of the webinar over 12 months on our platform (and still qualify for CPD points).
  2. Learn Listings offer HCPs user-friendly, multimedia CPD-accredited education on the EMGuidance platform, which they are already accessing for clinical and medicines information. You can elect to use internally created content for publication or choose the Content Development offering from EMGuidance. All content can be CPD-accredited. For more information, please read through our Learn Listings overview.
When you’re planning your next CPD-accredited event or content, book a discovery meeting with us to find out how EMGuidance can get your content in front of our over 65,000 registered HCP users.

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