Revolutionising Prescription Management: EMGuidance's Unparalleled Pharmacy Network

EMGuidance is leading the way in digital prescription management in South Africa. As we enter April, our robust network boasts nearly 2000 pharmacies.

EMGuidance is leading the way in digital prescription management in South Africa. As we enter April, our robust network boasts nearly 2000 pharmacies, positioning us as a leading scripting software and the most integrated solution available.

How EMGuidance Works

By focusing on patient autonomy and inclusivity, our network allows patients and their doctors to choose their preferred pharmacy each month. This inclusivity extends to all pharmacies, prominently featuring a large contingent of independent ones, which currently receive about 38% of our scripts.

Innovative Geolocation and Prescription Sharing

Our system simplifies the prescription process significantly. By geolocating patients and doctors, we conveniently connect them to the nearest pharmacies. This seamless connection allows for the swift selection and sending of prescriptions to the chosen pharmacy.

Commitment to Validation and Security

Ensuring the legitimacy of prescriptions is paramount. We meticulously validate doctors as authentic prescribers and uphold stringent security measures, including securely storing the original signed PDF script in the cloud, accessible exclusively to the pharmacy. Both the patient and doctor can view only a preview of this script.

Robust Tracking and Fraud Prevention Measures

Pharmacists are always vigilant about prescription fraud; our system is the secure solution they value. We enable this by incorporating an immutable tracking history and recording each script's activity. This feature lets pharmacists detect when patients have previously shared their scripts, enhancing their ability to spot fraudulent prescriptions. The inability to edit prescriptions post-signing is another layer of security that pharmacists greatly appreciate.

Joining Our Network: A Simple, Cost-free Process

Becoming part of our extensive network is straightforward and accessible: pharmacists create an EMGuidance pharmacy store account. There are no costs involved in setting up this account or receiving scripts. Pharmacists direct scripts to the dispensary email or access them via the EMGuidance Pharmacy Portal.

A Marketing Tool for Increasing Visibility and Enhancing Patient Convenience

Joining the EMGuidance network for streamlined prescription processes has the additional benefit of increasing participating pharmacies' visibility. Because we geolocate patients, the system highlights nearby pharmacies, raising awareness and accessibility.

The Future: Advanced Integrations and Improved Efficiency

EMGuidance is committed to constantly enhancing the prescription process. Our recent shift to integrating dispensing systems is increasing efficiencies, reducing errors, and curtailing fraudulent script usage. We'll be formally announcing these integration partnerships soon.

Why is EMGuidance South Africa's leading prescription management network? Through engagement with our users and constant trend analysis, we understand what patients, doctors, and pharmacists need and create secure, patient-centric solutions to meet their needs.

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