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Upskill yourself by staying up to date with the latest research findings, best practices, and advances in patient care.


About EMGuidance Academy

EMGuidance Academy offers a multifaceted solution for continuous learning, tailored to the complex and evolving needs of HCPs. Not only can HCPs access the latest general medical information, but they can also dive deeper into specialised areas where they might face personal challenges or knowledge gaps.
Our goal is to provide high quality accredited relevant content that is engaging, easily digestible and mobile friendly.


What EMGuidance Academy offers you

Take your career to the next level

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High quality accredited relevant content

 We provide a catalog of accredited courses that address all clinical and regulatory needs.

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Self paced and ease of blending learning modes

Content that is easily digestible and appealing to all professionals, whether online, in the classroom, or on the job.

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Available online and offline via web and mobile

Mobile friendly learning management system (LMS) that is user friendly that encourages continuous learning. 


Read. Learn. Improve.

✔️ Stay up to date with the latest research and studies in your area.

✔️ Stay compliant with all the relevant clinical regulations.

✔️ Extend your scope of practice and up skill yourself to enhance patient care.

✔️ Progress or become more promotable in your field.



Take your career and expertise to the
next level!

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