Streamlining In-Hospital Scripting with EMGuidance Script

Streamlining in-hospital scripting with the convenience of a fully mobile and clinically intelligent scripting solution for efficient patient care.

Streamlining in-hospital scripting with the convenience of a fully mobile and clinically intelligent scripting solution for efficient patient care.

Revolutionising In-Hospital Scripting

EMGuidance Script is revolutionising in-hospital scripting by providing a digital solution that offers intelligence, convenience and efficiency for doctors, patients and hospitals.

The in-hospital script offers dosing prompts, a calendar view for treatment plans, formulary integration for cost containment and compliance, and seamless integration with hospital systems for efficient workflow.

Enhanced Features for Efficient Care

EMGuidance Script offers enhanced features that contribute to efficient patient care.

The seamless experience for doctors using the scripting tool in-hospital and for patients when they are seen as outpatients enhances continuity of care. Doctors are able to easily access medication treatment histories and generate new prescriptions. 

The slick calendar view of the patient's treatment in hospital facilitates comprehensive assessment and ensures timely adjustments to the treatment plan.

The prompts for in-hospital dosing based on registered dosing further enhance patient safety and medication accuracy.

By incorporating formularies, EMGuidance Script assists with cost containment and formulary adherence, promoting optimal medication use and ensuring compliance with institutional formularies and guidelines. 


Integration with Hospital Systems

EMGuidance Script seamlessly integrates with hospital information management and dispensing systems, providing a unified platform for scripting and medication management, facilitating the adoption of digital scripting in institutions. 

This integration streamlines the workflow and reduces the need for manual data entry, minimising errors and enhancing efficiency.

With a pure focus on scripting, choosing to integrate EMGuidance Script will ensure prescribers are offered a world class e-scripting platform that undergoes continuous updates to ensure it remains cutting-edge.

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Mobile Script Signing Benefits

The mobile script signing feature of EMGuidance Script offers numerous benefits for doctors and patients.

The platform allows doctors to sign legally compliant scripts at bedside or remotely, eliminating the need for pharmacies to follow up on signed paper scripts for highly scheduled medicine following telephonic scripting. This mobile script signing capability improves workflow and reduces delays in medication administration.

Future Opportunities

EMGuidance Script is continuously evolving to provide even more benefits and opportunities for healthcare professionals.

One exciting example is the potential for antimicrobial stewardship opportunities.

By leveraging the functionality of the scripting solution, healthcare professionals can optimise antimicrobial prescribing practices, ensuring appropriate use both in and out of hospital, aiming to reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance.

This future opportunity aligns with the global efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance and promote responsible antibiotic use.

EMGuidance Script remains committed to advancing patient care through innovative digital solutions and looks forward to exploring more opportunities for improvement in the future.

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