Empowering the frontline of healthcare delivery

Working towards a better future for all healthcare workers and patients through technological innovations.

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About EMGuidance

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Empowering the frontline of HCPs

Through learning solutions, easy access to medicines information and industry news. 

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Improving the quality of patient care

Through drug interactions tools, active ingredient monographs and safe and compliant digital scripting. 

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Strategically growing industry partners

Through bespoke business solutions designed for the medical manufacturing and training industry.



EMGuidance Reference app

EMGuidance was created with a singular goal: to empower and assist healthcare workers that often work in strained environments with limited access to medicines information. The creation of the EMGuidance medicines information platform has solved this for nearly 60 000 healthcare workers across South Africa and SSA.

EMGuidance Script

The first of it's kind in South Africa, and compliant with legal and regulatory requirements, EMGuidance Script is changing the way doctors issues scripts.


EMGuidance Academy

EMGuidance Academy offers a multifaceted solution for continuous learning, tailored to the complex and evolving needs of HCPs. Not only can HCPs access the latest general medical information, but they can also dive deeper into specialised areas where they might face personal challenges or knowledge gaps. Our goal is to provide high quality accredited relevant content that is engaging, easily digestible and mobile friendly.

Industry opportunity

We offer access to our highly database of HCPs with a wide range of product modules specifically designed for leading companies in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, diagnostic and medical training industries.


Address and Contact

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